Our $25 annual membership includes a $10 donation to Kids Giving Back charity. Joining us supports car enthusiasts and the community. Your membership can also benefit from NSW Historic registration for classic cars. Click 'Subscribe' to join.

Recently, we celebrated with Light Canberra Action 2023, our annual event. Members were invited to join a jam-packed weekend of activities filled with drives, shows, and meals with mates. So, mark your calendars and join us for the next one in November 2024. Check out the video above.

A group of us have planned to go up to the Central Coast on Saturday for this Sunday's Lakes Drive (Lago Di Mac). To keep things simple, if you wish to meet for the drive around the lake, please be at McDonald's Morisset car park at 10:45 am, with an 11 am departure. We will have lunch at the park where the event is being held. If you are planning on staying on Sunday, we are also organising a dinner around the Terrigal area. If you have a two-way radio, please bring it otherwise, some will be available to borrow on the day.

At Kids Giving Back, we support NSW charities, by preparing meals and creating care packages for vulnerable communities. Our focus is creating impactful volunteering opportunities for kids and teens. We sincerely thank The Fiat Club for their continuous contribution to our cause.

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